Craftsbury Nationals

Course Maps

Super Tour Finals M50K 3.28.18 0486

While snow will determine the final courses that we will race in January, the following course maps are the proposed courses (and backups) for each event.

A note on courses: the North 5k is marked with green metal signs with white writing and arrows. Signs are posted on trees at  intersections. The South 5k is orange signs with white arrows and writing. 3.75k is purple, 2.5k is pink, and the 1.5k sprint is red.

Thursday, January 3 - Classic Individual Starts

Proposed course: North 5k (Note: sit ski races will be running this day as well, that course will be closed to athletes warming up for the classic individual start races while sit ski races are running.)

Map with turning zones indicated: North 5k
Wax testing: Diagram 

Friday, January 4 - Classic Sprints

Proposed course: 1.5k

Map with turning zones indicated: 1.5k

Stadium map 

Wax Testing Area

Warm up area

Saturday, January 5 - Para Sprints

Para sprint course

Sunday, January 6 - Freestyle Mass Starts

Updated: Women's 20k and Men's 30k: South 5k 

Map with feed zone

Junior 10k and 7.5k: 3.75k 

Tuesday, January 8 - Freestyle Sprints

Proposed course: 1.5k 

Stadium map 

Wax Testing Area