Craftsbury Nationals

Race Information

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Organizing Committee:


  • Host Organization: Craftsbury Outdoor Center 
  • Host Website:
  • Event Website:
  • Chief of Competition:  Ollie Burruss
    • Assistant Chief of Race for Course & Stadium:  Bill Henchey
      • Chief of Course:  Lucas Schulz
      • Race Groomer: Keith Woodward
      • Chief of Stadium:  Eric Hanson
      • Chief of Start: Dick Dreissigacker
    • Assistant Chief of Race for Secretariat: Judy Geer
      • Race Secretary:  Mary Anne Levins
      • Chief of Timing:  Trevor Braun
      • Volunteer Coordinator:  Pat Lawlor
      • Communications Liaison: Sheldon Miller
      • Site Logistics:  Russ Spring
      • Medical Coordinator: Erika Sloan
      • Timing company name and contact:  Bullitt Timing; Edward Despard
    • U.S. Ski & Snowboard assigned TD:  John Estle
    • U.S. Ski & Snowboard assigned TDA:  Justin Easter
    • At Large Jury Member: Fred Bailey
    • U.S. Ski & Snowboard Representative: Bryan Fish
    • U.S. Ski & Snowboard Representative: Allan Serrano

Team Captains' Meetings



TCM #3

Complimentary Gift

If you were among the first people to register for U.S. Cross Country Championships, you will receive a gift courtesy of the Craftsbury Outdoor Center. Please check this list to see if you qualify. If so, please head to our main office (the white farmhouse at 535 Lost Nation Road) to collect your gift.

Awards Banquet

Need to pick up a ticket for the awards banquet? Please check the following table to see if you reserved a ticket and then head to the front office (white farmhouse at 535 Lost Nation Road) to get your banquet ticket.